Long time, no llama!

Cute llama duo

Long time, no llama. But amends are made. Right here, right now. After all, I didn’t just give you one cute llama….I gave you two cute llamas! A llama twofer is a win-win!

Cutest Llama Ever

Cutest Llama Ever

It’s no secret we’re big llama fans here at Super Cuter. Can you see why??  I just want to eat this adorable baby llama right up…the same way he is eating that delicious leaf. Foliage, nom nom.

Source: www.pxleyes.com

Three Baby Llamas

Three Baby Llamas are Supercuter!

Llamas are becoming a frequent fixture on SuperCuter, but can you blame us?? Baby llamas are just so adorable (in an awkward sort of way, but still adorable nonetheless). Someday, there may be a spin-off blog: SuperCuter, Strictly Llamas. But until then, stay tuned for more fluffy, furry, cute llama pics!

Note: Check out the black and white llama on the right as he mean-mugs the other two. I think he’s jealous–those two clearly have a thing going on with the way they are gazing into each other’s eyes. Llama love triangle! Aww.

Llama Kiss

Mommy and Baby Llama Kiss!

There’s no love more genuine from a mother to child, whether human or llama. This llama pair (or alpaca?) is the picture of a true loving family!

The Fluffiest Baby Llama Ever

Fluffy Baby Llama

All human babies are undeniably cute, but by the grace of God, not all babies retain their charming good looks into adulthood. The same truth applies to llamas. Baby llamas are freaking adorable. Need proof? See picture above. However, this llama’s cuteness is a ticking timebomb. Soon it will explode into a gangly, spitting, nappy-haired monster. Good thing pictures freeze time and this llama will be cute and cuddly forever.